Attention: Shipping to Australia and New Zealand is temporally suspended, due to USPS temporally suspending First Class package International Service and Priority Mail International due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

Order Status

For more information about what the different order status mean, click on the different ones for more details.

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When a customer has finished checkout, and order is created with the order status of created. 

NOTE: Depending on the payment method is if it uses this order status.

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When the payment is confirmed the order status is changed to confirmed.

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Order in process

The order has been downloaded from the web store so it can be pulled and shipped, the order status order in process.

While we strive for an order turnaround time from receipt to shipping of 7-10 business days from the date your order is downloaded, staff limitations and extra-heavy order volume can effect this window, especially as many website orders contain products that must be cast to order. Additionally, while we download orders every morning of every business day, we are not open on Saturday or Sunday, which means that orders placed on a Friday or over a weekend will not begin to process until the following Monday.

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When an order is cancelled before receiving a payment.

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When an order is cancelled after receiving a payment.

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