Here are the following Conventions that Mike and Chuck from BV Traders will be representing Iron Wind Metals at in 2018. 

Many people do not realize that we take the entire Battletech Line including archived and online exclusive products to the following gaming conventions:

March 2019

Cold Wars: March 14th to 17th (Lancaster, PA) 

June 2019

Origins: June 12th to 16th (Columbus, OH) 

July 2019

Historicon: July 10th to 14th (Lancaster, PA)  

August 2019

Gencon: August 1st to August 4th (Indianapolis, IN) 

If you are a fan of Iron Wind Metals Products please come check us out at one of these great events.  

Below are conventions that Iron Wind Metals will be at with just the Fantasy line of miniatures and Chaos Wars.

March 2019

CincyCon: March 1st to 3rd (Hamilton, OH) 

Gary Con: March 7th to 10th (Lake Geneva, WA)