Attention: If you want your order by Christmas, order by December 7th. This is for Domestic USA, for international orders they will most likely arrive after.


3rd Quarter 2017 Distribution Releases
Anubis ABS-5Y Avalanche AVL-1O Prime
Cuirass CDR-1X Uziel UZL-2S
New Web only Releases
Orion ON1-H Loki II A
Sarath SRTH-1O A Sarath SRTH-1O B
Archer ARC-1A Amazon Battle Armor
Marauder Battle Armor Niso Attack WiGE (Standard) & (Support)
Loki II B Saracen MK II HCV (Standard)
Saladin MK II HCV (Standard) Wolverine WVR-1R / 3R
Templar III TLR2-OD Hellspawn HSN-7D
Marauder MAD-7D / 9D
2017 Limited Edition
Enforcer III ENF-7D (Jumper)
3150 Federated Suns Lance Pack (Con Special)
Uziel UZL-8S Templar III TLR2-OC
Marauder MAD-9W2 Enforcer III ENF-7D
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