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Gen Con 50 is only a few weeks away and Iron Wind Metals will be at the show with the usual full Battletech Line, Bulk Fantasy and Sci-Fi bins, Hackmaster, Chaos Wars, Gendel Resin Terrain, SciFi Resin Building and a variety of other items for sale. The list below is all of the new Battletech releases that we will have at the show, 3rd Quarter Battletech, Web only items, Con Specials (Lance Pack), and Limited Edition Jumper.

Battletech Alpha List PDF files

Images of Gen Con 2017 Releases

Gen Con Releases
SKU Name Tons Price
3rd Quarter 2017 Distribution Releases
20-5150 Anubis ABS-5Y 30 $10.50
20-5151 Avalanche AVL-10 Prime 50 $12.95
20-5152 Cuirass CDR-1X 40 $12.50
20-5153 Uziel UZL-2S 50 $12.95
New Web Only Releases
BT-407 Orion ON1-H 75 $15.75
BT-408 Loki II A 65 $15.50
BT-409 Sarath SRTH-10 A 50 $12.95
BT-410 Sarath SRTH-10 B 50 $12.95
BT-411 Archer ARC-1A 70 $15.50
BT-412 Amazon Battle Armor   $1.00
BT-413 Marauder Battle Armor   $1.60
BT-414 Niso Attack WiGE (Standard) & (Support) 35 $8.25
BT-415 Loki II B  65 $15.50
BT-417 Saracen MK II HCV (Standard) 35 $8.25
BT-418 Saladin MK II HCV (Standard) 35 $8.25
BT-419 Wolverine WVR-1R / 3R 55 $13.50
BT-423  Templar III TLR2-OD 85 $17.50
BT-424 Hellspawn HSN-7D 45 $12.50
BT-426 Marauder MAD-7D / 9D 75 $15.75
2017 Limited Edition
ENFIIIJP-17 Enforcer III ENF-7D 50 $20.00
3150 Federated Suns Lance Pack (Con Special)
3150FedSunsLancePack Uziel UZL-8S 50 $49.95
Templar III TLR2-OC 85
Marauder MAD-9W2 75
Enforcer III ENF-7D 50

Limited Edition Enforcer III ENF-7D JumperLimited Edition Enforcer III ENF-7D Jumper


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