For the 2016 Conventions, we will have several convention specials, first is the Limited Edition Trebaruna. The below link will have a image of the LE Jumper. The second item that will be at Gen Con is the Undead Lance Pack, which contains the Cadaver CVR-A1, Exhumer EXR-2X, Mortis MS-1P, and Gravedigger GDR-1C/1D. The newest additions to the convention specials are the 200 ton Orca OC-1X SuperHeavy Mech and the early release of the new Classic Shadow Hawk SHD-2H.

All of the below links also have images of the Mechs that will be for sale, except for the Standing Trebaruna.

2016 Limited Edition Trebaruna TR-XB

Undead Lance Pack

Orca OC-1X SuperHeavy Mech

New Classic Shadow Hawk SHD-2H

Question everyone wants to know for those who can not make it to Gen Con, When will the convention specialists be available.

A few weeks after Gen Con, releasing to IWM Web storeĀ 

- Orca OC-1X

- Trebaruna (Standing)

4th Quarter 2016, releasing to IWM Web store and Distribution for Lance Pack and Shadow Hawk SHD-2H

- Undead Lance Pack

- Shadow Hawk SHD-2H

- Limited Edition Trebaruna (Jumping)

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