Several Web Only items that were released during the 2015 Convention Season and a Fan Financed item have been add to the Online Exclusive Mech Category. See below for which ones are now for sale.

BT-346  Griffin GRF-1A  $13.50  60 Tons 
BT-347  Revenant UBM-2R3  $11.00  30 Tons 
BT-349  Lament LMT-4RC  $13.50 65 Tons 
BT-350  Doloire DLR-OD  $14.95   80 Tons 
BT-351  Mad Cat MkII 5  $16.75  95 Tons 
BT-352  Doloire DLR-OB  $14.95   80 Tons 
BT-353  Mad Cat MkII 4  $16.75  95 Tons 

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