Several new Web Only releases have been added to the online store, new Vehicles and Mechs have been added to the Online Exclusive Categories. List of items released is below.

BT-305  Thor II Prime  70 Tons  $13.95 
BT-311  Savior Repair Vehicle  60 Tons  $12.95 
BT-312  Gun Trailers (2)  35 Tons  $10.50 
BT-313  Regulator II (Standard)  50 Tons  $6.95 
BT-319  Wheeled APC  10 Tons  $0.80 
BT-320  Tracked APC  10 Tons  $0.90 
BT-321  Hover APC  10 Tons  $1.00 
BT-322  Rifleman RFL-1N  50 Tons  $12.50 

September 2015 Web Only Releases

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