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New Battletech Releases are now available from Iron Wind Metals web store, in the Battletech New Release Category.

SKU Name Tonnage Price
Spring 2020 Distribution Releases
20-5182 Catapult CPLT-C1 / K2 - Released 65 $16.50
20-5183 Locust LCT-1V / 1E / 1Vb Royal - Released 20 $11.50
20-5184 Giffin GRF-1N - Released 55 $14.25
Web Only Releases
OP-099 Gauss Rifles Part $7.00
OP-100 Ultra Autocannons Part $6.00
OP-101 Hyper-Assult Gauss Rifles Part $5.00
OP-102 Inner Sphere PPC's Part $5.00
OP-103 LB-X Autocannons Part $6.00
OP-104 Extended Range Lasers and PPC Part $5.00
OP-105 Pulse Lasers Part $5.00
OP-106 Small Launcher Plates Part $4.00
OP-107 Medium Launcher Plates Part $6.00
OP-108 Large Launcher Plates Part $6.00
OP-109 XL Launcher Plates Part $6.00
OP-110 XXL Launcher Plates Part $6.00
OP-111 Inner Sphere Small, Medium, and Large Launchers Part $6.00
OP-112 Inner Sphere XL and XXL Launchers Part $6.00
OP-113 Clan Small, Medium, and Large Launchers Part $6.00
OP-114 Clan XL and XXL Launchers Part $6.00
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