Attention: If you want your order by Christmas, order by December 7th. This is for Domestic USA, for international orders they will most likely arrive after.

 The 2nd Quarter 2015 Releases are finally for sale on our webstore, check out the New Releases Category to purchase them.

20-5113  Havoc HVC-P6  35 Tons  $10.50 
20-5116  Stalker II STK-9A  85 Tons  $15.50 
20-5117  Kodiak II (Standard)  100 Tons  $16.95 
20-5118  Tomahawk II Prime  100 Tons  $16.95 
20-5119  Cave Lion (Standard)  75 Tons  $14.50 

BT 2nd Qtr 2015 Releases


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