Due to not getting a new Archive Special Return Poll up the last few months, I have been posted in the Archive Special Return Category most of the suggested items from the Battletech Forum Thread. Also I have included several of the top sellers for the upcoming Holiday season. 

The winners will be up for sale without the Archive Fee until the end of 2015.

ASRBT-135  Argus 4D/2D  $11.00 
ASR20-697  Chameleon  $11.25 
ASR20-248  Donar VTOL  $9.95 
ASR20-677  Grendel Prime  $10.50 
ASR20-683  Hankyu Prime  $8.95 
ASR20-273  Icestorm  $8.50 
ASR20-912  Kingfisher Prime  $13.50 
ASR20-313  Lighning Hovercraft  $11.95 
ASR20-941  Men Shen Prime  $10.50 
ASR20-734  Orion IIC  $12.50 
ASR20-934  Pack Hunter  $8.95 
ASR20-696  Supernova  $13.50 
ASR20-694  Toyama  $12.50 
ASR20-726  Yellow Jacket VTOL  $9.95