Updated Galactic Conflict in the Stars 2.0 Prime Rules

The new  pdf Galactic Conflict in the Stars 2.0 Prime Rules PDF (6.81 MB)  has been added to the download section. These rules make use of the Galactic Conflict In the Stars Miniature...

Monthly Specials Updated

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New Website Frontend

Welcome to our new website frontend. Over the next few months there will be adjustments, new features, user registration, and more. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the Site...

Monthly Specials Updated

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Chaos Wars Starter Sets now available

The Chaos Wars Starter Sets are now available to purchase.   Find more out about Chaos Wars at Ral Partha Website

Castles and Crusades KickStarter a shout-out

IWM and Ral Partha recommend checking out this really cool Kickstarter from Castles and Crusades – an expansion of their Mythos series. “The Mythos series sets out to explore the legends and mythos...

Mike Noe from IWM at D&D 1st Founders and Legends Event

UPDATE: Mike Noe is playing in Staphan's game at 10AM Pacific time and he is a fighter. Luke Gygax teams up with his friends at Wizards of the Coast, Iron Wind Metals and Dwarven Forge to reflect...